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23 Feb

UUP leader Robin Swann hit out that the talks remained “an exclusive two-party process” and said a deal between the DUP and Sinn Fein still wasn’t over the line.

Mrs Foster said: “There isn’t a deal yet but there is very good progress and we will keep at it and continue to work on that progress.” She described the tone of the discussions as “very good” and said the DUP would “continue to have conversations with Sinn Fein around the outstanding matters”.

Mrs Foster said: “It is about finding”frustrated at the pace of progress, we all are as well”.

Anything less will fail to restore public confidence in politics and the institutions.” TUV leader Jim Allister said a “DUP climb-down” on the Irish language appeared increasingly likely.

The DUP was switching from “curried yoghurt to humble pie”, he claimed.

“In 2014 Gregory Campbell boasted to the DUP party conference to wild applause: ‘We’ll say it slowly so you understand Caitriona (Ruane) and Gerry – we will never agree to your Irish Language Act. The paper your wish list is written on well, we’ll just regard it as toilet paper’.

“A question which the DUP now has to face is – is the Sinn Fein wish list still ‘toilet paper’ or is it now the Program for Government? Allister asked Posted by Jim on February 10, 2018 Sinister agenda of prison authorities Republican prisoners have condemned the authorities in Maghaberry prison over a new clampdown on educational and historical materials at the jail.