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10 Jul

There was no suggestion he was involved in espionage. In a statement, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office warned that staff should “demonstrate high levels of personal and professional integrity”.

At his research centre, Dr Pokrovksy says the Health Ministry is trying to reduce costs so more people can be treated with the same money.

Sasha, 32, is one of the thousands of HIV positive cases in Moscow who cannot even put his name on Dr Orlova-Morozova's patient list.

I remember two or three people getting on to the bed with me,” he recalled. I remember someone in the party taking photographs.” In the 1960s, Jeremy Wolfenden, The Daily Telegraph’s Moscow correspondent and an SIS agent, was also blackmailed by the KGB with photos of him having sex with a man.

(Funnily enough, he was the son of Lord Woldenden, who chaired the committee that recommended Britain legalise homosexuality.) Soviet intelligence also compromised Sir Geoffrey Harrison, Britain’s ambassador to Moscow from 1965 to 1968.

John Vassall, an admiralty clerk working at the UK’s Moscow embassy, was famously blackmailed into spying for the KGB after being photographed during an orgy with several men at a time when gay sex was illegal in Britain.

“I remember the lighting was very strong and gradually most of my clothes were removed.

It’s unforgivable but it happens.” Sir Anthony Brenton, Britain’s ambassador to Moscow between 20, described as “very much a part of the way Russia works”.

Sure enough, various incidents of recent years prove that Western diplomats and luminaries on tour in Russia still need to keep their noses clean.