Updating rockstar games social club

20 May

It's only a temporary solution—Rockstar is working on a fix as we speak – but if you can't wait to get started, it's good enough.

This has resulted in the bizarre situation of Rockstar's support site hosting a list entitled, "Supported Characters At Launch for Windows Usernames for GTAV PC."Rockstar is already working on a fix for this issue.

In the meantime, you can deal with it by creating a new user account with administrator privileges and a name that consists only of the aforementioned characters.

It's recommended that you ensure GTA V is not running when you do so--check to make sure that GTA5.exe, Play GTAV.exe, and aren't running in the task manager--and that you have administrator privileges.

If you're getting "the Rockstar update service is unavailable (code 1)" when trying to install the game, or the launcher is crashing to desktop.

From there, it should load normally—although we think some of the problems are due to a Rockstar Social Club connection issue. We've been unable to test it yet, but Mustache Emperor on GTA 5 Reddit proposes this solution."Open device manager, go to display adapters, and disable your nvidia device so only the intel card is enabled.

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