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26 Mar

” No agreement could be reached to explain the video - theories that were proposed were ruled out by the data.Written reports or video analyses were provided by the well-known astrophysicist Luis Barrera; an image expert from the Air Force photogrammetric service; photo and video analyst Francois Louange and colleagues from France, arranged through the French agency GEIPAN; Luis Salazar, Chilean Air Force meteorologist; a DGAC aeronautic engineer; a digital images specialist from the National Museum of Aeronautics and Space in Santiago; and Mario Avila, a nuclear chemist.All radar, satellite weather data, and details of air traffic in that sector at that time were provided.This sensor produces a black and white video in which the black, white and grey tones are directly related to temperature.IR detects heat, and the hotter the material being filmed, the darker it appears on the image.

None of them have been able to explain the strange flying object captured by two experienced Navy officers from a helicopter.On November 11, 2014, a Chilean Navy helicopter (Airbus Cougar AS-532) was on a routine daytime patrol mission flying north along the coast, west of Santiago.