Dating one year gift

10 Mar

Once you're married, starting a family, and have a mortgage, you may not be spending as much on Valentine's Day gifts.

The first Valentine's Day in a new relationship can either be sweet or nerve-wracking. There's so much pressure on what to get your boyfriend. Hopefully, you're with someone that understands you and won't overthink the gift to death.

Valentine's Day is, after all, supposed to be fun and romantic.

Football season and Valentine's Day are back-to-back.

Lucky for us, if the boyfriend is a big football fan, this makes gifting quite easy.

An adorable emoji pillow might just be the best first Valentine's Day gift this early in the relationship–especially if you met through an app or online.

Paired with a cute paper Valentine, this sends the message of, Personalogy is the perfect Valentine's Day gift for the boyfriend you've just started dating.

They're so freaking cute and make the perfect, thoughtful gift for your boyfriend (or girlfriend.) & At this point in the relationship, you've probably gotten a decent sense of your boyfriend's style and sense of humor.

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