06 Jan

My dick had already begun to get hard, and now it was throbbing inside my jeans.I kept thinking at any minute she would realize what she was doing and tell me to stop.So far that had not happened, so I slipped my hand under her bra, feeling her soft tit and hard nipple.She was wearing a white, sleeveless tennis shirt, visor, and pleated, white tennis skirt. Laura then fished an ice cube from her glass, and began rubbing her hot skin with it.Laura ran over to me as I cut the engine on the lawnmower. "Ooh, that feels good," as she rubbed her neck and the top of her chest with the ice cube.

I slid my hand between her ass cheeks, as my finger tips brushed her pussy lips.Laura then moaned louder, and pushed her pussy against my hand, causing my fingers to slide into her wet snatch.I began to finger fuck her, and she bounced up and down on my fingers, causing her pussy to drip with her juices. She somehow unfastened my belt, and I helped her lower my jeans to the floor, then push my boxers down.My raging hard on sprang up, hitting her in the ass.When I was in high school, we lived on a quiet street in the suburbs called Mistletoe Lane.It was a cul-de-sac with about 15 houses, all of them occupied by white, yuppie families with multiple kids.I heard Laura moan softly as I nibbled her earlobe.I slid one hand down to her waist, and then reached under her shirt, softly touching her flat stomach.