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18 May

The most prevalent expression of psychosis amongst Asian women in general and ladyboys in particular, is jealousy. Your delight knows this too, and she’s just marking her territory when she puts another bruise on your arm. I have been threatened with a knife, seen furniture smashed, my stuff trashed, you name it.

As an aside, there is a legitimate version of sponsorship.

In this the girl might be an aspiring model or beauty queen or something similar. She needs help with her costumes, hormones, course fees and so on.

(And these do cost.) So she will acquire men to support her financially. Did you ever wonder why many prostitutes refuse to kiss on the mouth? Many girls can’t hide their feelings in a kiss, so it’s a dead giveaway.

They’ll get pictures and praise and compliments on Facebook. Apparently there are men who enjoy this; I am not sure what their reward might be. A kiss should be soft, a little moist, yielding, full of warmth and lingering.

So how do you find out if your is a closet psycho hose-beast?