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08 Jun

It is why the barred Farage from negotiating with the EU. Has /pol/ (any of them) found out anything that the FBI had thought was kept secret and wouldn't be found out, then /pol/ happened?

But my buddy told me once that Europe will experience a cultural backlash, which, unless they manage to violently oust Islam which will require a great force, local whites will flee to the US. Will the FBI call a press conference to lie to the public that they wont advise indicting, or will the Director speak with Lynch in private and then she relays what course of action is taken?

79493354 Sex rings are popular in all governments, but pedophilia is primarily in British parliament & Saudi Arabia, and that's why HRC and BC love foreign donors so much. Worse yet, will we even get closure on it or will the investigation continue well into November?

Had a lot of intimate details including pic related where he said he was in one of the photos (apparently from the first trade center bombing)1) is there any proof in the CF leaks about israel wanting to create greater israel? That's just an assumption from my side but some shit posted here (like this thread) already enters /x/ territory and tinfoil territory.79492889 jeez why didn't you just say that?

2) is there any proof in the CF leaks about white genocide? Jews are already attempting to get friendly with him, but he isn't buying. that's a whole lot clearer than "data compression" the marketing buzzword is "big data", but in essence it's taking the data and splitting into a large cluster of individual servers (or VMs, whatever), and you issue distributed queries.

Hulda Clark Books | Planet X Sequel | 'Undocumented Immigrants' | Donald Marshall & Cloning Station War on Terror | Tavistock | U. 22, 2016) Part 1 Full Text of FBI Anon Q and A on 4Chan Blog July 2, 2016 (Oct. Have faith.79489525 (OP) Do you think it's better for Trump if she doesn't get indicted, because she arguably has more flaws than an alternative Democrat candidate like Bernie? I fucking hate both of them, just for the record)Small doses of highly intelligent people can fit very well into a foreign society.22, 2016) Facebook Censorship To post this article on Facebook, link to the Tiny Url seen below. If they dont COMPLETELY fry everyone involved, its going to happen again. I'm just so upset by these poor people who we have oppressed and racismed so much, it is our DUTY to return them to their ancestral homelands where they will be free of our disgusting prejudicial pernicious racism 79491196 they would also control the high technology military, now with robots also, they might not need overt control, just access to the leaders to let the populace feel they are in charge whilst really they are being controlled How likely is that, since he has so much invested in its succes?Data compression can mena many things, more specific. Has /pol/ ever found out anything that the FBI didn't know before the FBI did? I guess saying something as vague as the name of a contractor is fine.Data is increasing exponentially, what exactly are your methods for collecting it, compressing it, and analyzing it? I know the answer btw.79491835 Saw a thread awhile ago where a guy said he was going to get the info out about 9/11 and that it was mossad involved. 79492078 My main area of expertise is war games on the Russian front, when I did more strategy than high intel. I just know the South China Sea situation is rough79492167 I've also been thinking of ways to get him to ethically prove that he has access to what he claims to. OPSEC protocols are really shit sometimes.79492584 /pol/ is probably good for making some obscure connections that they wouldn't have discovered otherwise.Follow the Foundation.79494643 Ok from what I gather so far, the biggest thing you want us to focus on is the Clinton foundation.