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31 Mar

Online therapy can also help patients who suffer from social problems that prevent them from effectively discussing their problems face to face.At that point, a few doctors began to espouse the belief that talking to a patient was one of the keys to addressing their emotional problems. and focused on exploring the patient's thoughts and emotions through words, drawings, etc.Late, Sigmund Freud pioneered the idea of having patients discuss their dreams as a way to understand and address their problems. This interactive, face-to-face brand of therapy has been the standard since then. Taking advantage of the abundance of computers in the home and office, as well as the ease of entering the online community, online therapy has emerged as a viable new option in counseling.Free online therapy websites make a point of explaining that it is not a substitute for licensed therapy (paid online therapy, however, is frequently run by licensed therapy professionals).Free online therapy often serves as a "pre-treatment" method whereby a patient can assess the level of treatment they require.

Free online therapy may be offered by an individual, a private group of doctors or an organization.The Mental Health Foundation in the UK, for instance, recently offered two months of free online therapy to residents of that country.

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