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28 Apr

Dhaliwal, 54, was killed and robbed while he worked at the Hudson Oil service station on U. "We finally brought him before the bar of justice and had a jury convict him and say 'You'll be held responsible.'"Peterson was sentenced to death for his convictions in Porter and Lake counties.

Peterson was acquitted of murder in the shooting Dec. Wildermuth, 54, at an ATM in Gary's Miller neighborhood. Convictions in Lake County would come in April 1992 for the killings of brothers Eli Balovski, 60, and George Baloski, 66, at their tailor shop in Gary.

He was also acquitted of attempted murder in the shooting that same night of Robert Kotso, 49, a toll booth worker at Indiana East-West Toll Road. Staples said the prosecution didn't do anything different in the April 1992 trial, though the brothers' murder case wasn't hampered by the composite sketch that sunk the prosecutors' previous efforts."It all depends on the 12 people sitting in the (jury) box," he said.

Peterson further confessed to police he was the shotgun killer, though he later recanted his statements.

Peterson, a 22-year-old Marine deserter, was a dark-skinned black man with short hair, which contradicted a composite sketch released of the killer.

30, 1991, outside American Legion Post 66 in Griffith.

Hammersley, 25, was shot in the head later that night while chatting with Jillson outside the Petro Mart gas station in Cedar Lake, where they both worked.