Validating data extracts

23 Jan

Use either the Extract Data-tier Application Wizard or a Windows Power Shell script to extract a data-tier application (DAC) package from an existing SQL Server database.

Members of the sysadmin fixed server role or the built-in SQL Server system administrator account named sa can also extract a DAC.

To Extract a DAC Using a Wizard - Proceeds to the Choose Method page.

You can include up to 10 MB of reference data in your DAC package file.

However, for tables to be included in the DAC, they may not contain binary large object (BLOB) data types such as image or varchar(max).

The objectives of the Aleph to Alma migration process are to migrate Aleph data to the Alma environment quickly and efficiently, eliminate any coordination and scheduling issues with Ex Libris, and enable the independent extraction of data.There are some differences in the procedures and processes between Testload and Cutover. Three weeks before Testload and two weeks before Cutover you are sent the following: Provide your filled-in migration form to your Ex Libris project manager for approval.